I was recently searching for info related to ESLint, Hugo, VSCode, and jsonfig.json - a post will appear soon with the problem and solution.

What I found frustrating was the number of sites littering results with only a small snippet of code, little-to-no description, but a bunch of ads. It is possible to remove site(s) from a search with -site: <sitname>, but there isn’t a permanent setting for exclusions.

Exclusions are very useful at both the site and keyword (key phrase) levels. I think this applies to most search use-cases, not just Google ones. Job searches to exclude technologies you don’t want to use, or red-flag phrases such as “fast-paced environment” sounds like a good idea. Grocery searches to exclude certain ingredients would be helpful for those with allergies. I can see people wanting to exclude compaines from product searches for poor quality, poor support, or other personal reasons.

Please consider adding this to your search settings.