Bark Intro

maker bark

About three years ago, I started working on a new programming language syntax. Every few months or so, I would revisit the readme document and make some modifications - mainly as a mental reset for another topic.

As with all my side distractions, I needed a name - a word to reference when revisiting the idea. The result was bark.

With development started on bark, I found myself wanting to write down my thoughts as I add, remove, modify, and re-add code. I have no idea what I’m doing with this and am learning by reading the source code of projects like Go and others listed in the readme references section.

Regarding references, I want to thank Thorsten Ball for his books - “Writing an Interpreter in Go” and “Writing a Compiler in Go." This project would not have started without these books. Thank you.

To be very clear, don’t mistake this for a claim that bark is anything more than some thoughts jotted down in a readme doc. That’s essentially all it is.

This post exists to open the door for future posts. I wanted to share more thoughts than a commit message should contain. The context of a commit message isn’t sufficient to convey the evolving ideas regarding bark’s place in the world. Core facets of bark’s identity are gaining clarity.

Expect curveballs if you follow along.